BOD and D&O liability – litigation:

  • We have been involved in some of the most important cases regarding management liability in Denmark. We have successfully defended former board members, managers and senior executives against claims of up to 1 bn.
  • We have extensive experience and knowledge of this complex area of the law.
  • In cases regarding management liability, it is essential that a strategy for the handling of the case as well as the contact and dialogue with other parties involved, and their advisors, is devised at an early stage, often prior to any legal action being taken.

M&A – litigation

  • We have extensive knowledge of commercial matters and an in-depth understanding of the complex of agreements needed for an M&A transaction.
  • We handle cases regarding claims for damages, breach of warranties and representations, termination of a contracts, breach of contract, etc.

Breach of contract – litigation:

  • We have extensive knowledge of commercial matters as well as in-depth understanding when it comes to interpreting and handling commercial agreements in connection with lawsuits.
  • We handle lawsuits regarding breach of contract, termination of contracts, damages, etc.

TAX – litigation

  • We have extensive experience within the area of tax litigation. We handle all kinds of tax litigation – including corporate tax, VAT and duties.
  • Amongst our clients are many accountants. They need our litigation experience and knowledge when their clients’ cases are to be presented before the authorities or the courts.
  • We conduct tax cases, VAT cases, or excise & duty cases for the Danish Tax Agency, the Tax Appeals Agency, the National Tax Tribunal and the Danish Courts.

White-collar crime – litigation:

  • Cases concerning white-collar crime is a special area of expertise, and the lawyers of our firm have developed a key competence within this area over years of representing clients in matters involving white-collar crime.
  • If you become involved in a matter concerning white-collar crime, it is essential to choose a defence lawyer who understands the commercial and financial aspects, and, at the same time, is familiar with all legal particularities concerning the case in question. When dealing with white-collar crime cases, it is an essential precondition that the defence lawyer has a high level of expertise regarding all aspects of business, including the understanding of accounting, corporate law, tax law and VAT legislation.
  • White-collar crime covers a wide range of cases concerning crime of a financial nature. The classic white-collar crime cases are typically cases regarding:
    • Embezzlement, fraud, forgery, breach of trust, fraud against creditors, and bribery.
  • White-collar crime also includes cases concerning financial crime within areas regulated by special legislation, fx:
    Tax fraud, VAT fraud, Market manipulation & financial mattersInsider dealing, Money-laundering, Antitrust and competition matters, Secret commission, commission & bribery.

Construction law – litigation

  • We represent banks, authorities, contractors, technical advisors, entrepreneurs, guarantee societies, and insurance companies before the ordinary court, and before the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board.

Reconstruction and bankruptcy – litigation

  • Bankruptcy or reconstruction may be the first step towards action for damages, disqualification or criminal proceedings against the company’s management an professional advisors.
  • We represent board members and members of management when, which is often the case in connection with the financial collapse of an undertaking, an action for damages is brought against the board members and the management.
  • We have in-depth experience and knowledge of this complex area of law.
  • It is essential that a strategy for the handling of the case is devised at an early stage following bankruptcy or


  • We have extensive experience conducting Danish as well as international arbitration. We have built up knowledge regarding the specific standards, usages, and specific procedural rules applicable to such cases.
  • We litigate in cases in Danish, English, German, French and Polish.

Risk evaluation and second opinion:

  • Many clients seek our advice because they want us to estimate the risk connected with a potential lawsuit, dispute or conflict – strategic advice at an early stage is essential to our clients.
  • Many clients and other professional advisors approach us for second opinions.

We provide advice to insurance companies, equity funds, authorities, shareholders, companies, estates in bankruptcy or liquidation, board members or managers, or private individuals.